Receive Help


We at Common Grace understand that many people, at one time or another, have trouble "making ends meet." We try to help you or refer you to someone who can assist you in getting through challenging times. You can expect a sympathetic and understanding reception from everyone who works for and represents Common Grace of Noble County.

We provide emergency financial assistance for help with utility bills, rent assistance, medical/prescription help, etc. Although we try to give assistance to as many as we can, we will at least get you in touch with another agency that can help. In order to receive help, you must personally visit one of our three offices in Noble County (please see the list of offices at the bottom of the page). Listed here is what you should expect with us during your visit:

  • a brief but thorough application process
  • an interview through which we can understand your unique situation
  • a discussion of alternatives and possibilities that might satisfy your particular need
  • Expect some delay. Office personnel are not authorized to "pay bills." They are authorized to refer your need to other agencies on their own and with your approval. They are required to obtain approval from the Program Director for any direct assistance from Common Grace of Noble County.
  • Upon the approval of the Program Director, you may expect to pick up a voucher within twenty-four hours after your request is approved. Direct assistance is often mailed directly to the people you owe.

Have any questions about Common Grace? Want to find out more about how you can help? If so, please contact one of our offices in Noble County. If no one is available to take your call, please try one of the others. If you wish to contact us through the mail, please do so to our Kendallville P.O. Box. Thanks!